Cold Raw Records

Servi Diaboli

Servi Diaboli are the most productive outfit by Brazilian musician Armando Luiz (actually he used to live in Spain for a period, and currently he resides in Norway, but he was born in Minas Gerais; but that’s of no importance).

Abnabak / Mormânt De Snagov

Since a couple of years, Cold Raw Records from the United Kingdom have become one of the most important Black Metal underground labels from West-European soil. Just click on the label’s name above to read the (many?) reviews undersigned did for them as from December 2014. And there’s more to come, but first I’ll focus on a split called Triumph Of Death (damn, haven’t I heard of this title before???)… It comes in a very limited hand-numbered edition of 120 copies only.


Acting under quite a non-inspirational moniker, Satanika are here to punish the world with their frenzy definition of sonic harshness. Formed in Rome in 2009, the band did record and release two hands full of EP’s, a couple of full lengths, and they contributed on a split with Columbia’s Revenge.

Doden Grotte

Doden Grotte are a pretty young project from the city of Astrakhan, not that far away from the Caspian Sea. They were formed in 2011 and did record two demonstrational recordings before. Now they (vocalist Iskariot, bass player Shoggoth, guitarist Qayin Bogomerzky, and drummer VT) compiled some material they did record as from 2013, the whole being (re) mastered and mixed in 2015 at the band’s home studio.


Fathomhell are a Spanish outfit by Ludwigar. In 2012 the project recorded an EP, called Non Pietatem Erit (self-released on CD and shortly after re-issued on tape via Runenstein Records), and now he releases three (new?) tracks, which were, once again, produced, mixed and mastered by José L. Palacios at La Dama Oscura / Dojo Producciones Studio.

Sort Himmel

Sort Himmel is the name behind a new solo-outfit of Armando Luiz (think Servi Diaboli, Nihil or Obitus Vitae), a guy from Brazil who currently lives in Norway. He released / releases three tracks as demonstrational record via Cold Raw Records on CD (very limited!) (oh yes, let’s not forget to express gratitude to this label, once again!), and the same stuff sees / saw the (un)light in a self-release edition the digital way.


This is a like-or-not thing, Massemord. I think they did some great things in the past, despite quite a turbulent history. Actually this project was formed as a solo-outfit of a Norwegian guy (Lord Hastur), then joined by some other members. Eventually Lord Hastur left and both other members continued, followed by other changes in line-up, trespassing the borders with Italy, and so on. I do not feel like going to deep into the subject right now; you might find some additional info on the net, of course.


One of the things I do appreciate when talking about Cold Raw Records is the fact that they do re-release many stuff that otherwise never would have the opportunity to reach an audience that might appreciate that material. Several of their releases are demonstrational material, previously released on tape or digitally by the band, or distributed only locally. A couple of examples: Nocturnal Sacrifice, Uluun, Chaos Altar, Milicia Oscura etc.

Chaos Altar

Chaos Altar are a one-man project by a guy called Executor, formed after the demise of Nir’um’Tuk. Since I never heard the sole EP by Nir’um’Tuk, I can’t compare both projects, but I am pretty sure Chaos Altar can be called the logical successor. As a matter of fact, the lyrics have been written once again by Asphodel, who did the very same for the Nir’um’Tuk-EP.

Milicia Oscura

I do remember the sweet Mexican guys from Milicia Oscura from the Ante Christo album especially, which was released in 2013 via one of the most worthy labels nowadays, Satanath Records. I will, by the way, write a review on this album too in a (very near) future, because it’s worth it (ask Satanath’s frontman Aleksey if you do not believe me!). That one might deal (once again) with older stuff, but as a matter of fact, this specific review deals with even older material.


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