Dooweet Agency


Of Wolves And Men is the first official full length (aka EP, but the album lasts for more than thirty-five minutes, so it is not exactly an EP – yet that’s a discussion not of importance right here, right now) by DXVXDXD SXLF. The band’s name in fact comes from The Divided Self: An Existential Study In Sanity And Madness, one of the earliest works by British author / psychiatrist / philosopher R.D. Laing.


Hailing from Debrecen, a Hungarian city close to the Romanian border, Perihelion were formed at the very beginning of this century under the moniker of Neokhrome.


Ten years ago, in meantime, vocalist Hesgaroth and instrumentalist Denosdrakkh (respectively the lyricist and song composer too) started this outfit, Lutece, after they disbanded Dark Requiem. They wrote and recorded some first material, and in 2007 they released the debut album …And Ancestors Still Remain.

Gloomy Hellium Bath

Gloomy Hellium Bath are a French collaboration with former members of e.g. Nerv and Würm. Via the crazy label Dooweet Records, they release Sistema Solera, which brings a totally frenzy mixture of Electronics, Industrial Metal and hundreds of other additions: Noise, Hip Hop, Death Industrial, Punk, Un-Pop, Trip-Hop, Indie, Goth Rock and so much more.


French label Dooweet Agency was started about four years ago by Christophe Sousa, in mean time joined by two (beautiful, but that’s another story) women to take care of promotion and consultancy activities. The label pretends to allow ‘artists from the underground music scene […] to promote themselves […] around the ethic and active passion of its members’. I cannot but praise the idea, the intention, the persuasion, the conviction, the passion; let’s be sure about that!

Order Of 315

Order Of 315 are a French act which I actually hadn’t heard of before. Okay, I can’t know each single band and project around our (rotten, but that’s another story) globe, but apparently this act released an album before, called Near-Birth Experience (2012).

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