Transylvania, indeed, it’s the region most people might refer to one of my possible ancestors ( ???), Mr. Vladimir Tepes, prince of the Order of the Dragons. It’s also an area that houses many great acts that are truly inspired in one way or another (not just lyrically, yet also through blood and nationalism) by Uncle Vlad the Impaler [note: in fact, it was the princedom of Wallachia, but that’s another discussion…].


Apparently this young Dallas-based act (as a matter of fact, they did exist a time ago but without anything important to add, and they did reform recently) consists of former or current members from e.g. Kill The Client, Baring Teeth and Tyrannosorceress, so you surely can imagine a specific angle of technically-oriented aggression for sure. And indeed, that’s what Cleric stand for. The band did record this debut full length studio album with Garry Brents, known from e.g.

Drunk Dad

These are the kind of CDs that I dislike to review. Not because Morbid Reality is a bad CD. It isn't. But rather because, despite the fact that this is an obviously talented band, that the cdep is professionally produced and that the 4 tracks here are adequately entertaining, Druk Dad just never grabbed me. Portland-based D.I.Y. Noisemongers DD are a quartet who mix crushing riffs, odd time signatures, spastic guitar lines and pummelling dysrhythms.


Were founded in the beginning of the millennium, and Meteor is already their sixth longplayer, and their first one on their new label Selfmadegod Records (Nunslaughter, Agathocles, Cripple Bastards,...) With 29 minutes, this is a rather short affair, but in the band’s history, it is strangely enough one of their longer works.

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