The Steve Morse Band

Currently, Steve Morse is perhaps best known as the guitarist of supergroup Deep Purple, the ranks of which he joined in 1994 (with contributions to 5 studio and 11 live albums as a result to date), but the man's curriculum vitae is slightly longer than that, both in the past and in contemporary days!

Deep Purple

In their "Official Deep Purple (Overseas) Live Series" (which is to comprehend 10 albums of historical milestones and rarities of the band (including bonus material and tons of rare pictures) (sic), were are hereby treated to a re-issue of the Deep Purple's concert at Stockholm's Konserthuset, on November 12th, 1970. Recorded back then for airing over the Swedish radio, the material was bootlegged in that mono version several times (on double LP) before an official release happened in 1988 under the title Scandinavian Nights.


Since their reunion in 2005, Foreigner has become a very successful unit again, despite only founder Mick Jones remained from the legendary line-up. However with Kelly Hansen he has found not only someone who could match the warm timbre of Lou Gramm but also improve and add his own identity to the vocals of the many classic songs the band has produced in their 40 years of existence. Of course many best of albums have passed the revue but this time a live registration with mainly the ballads was a first.

Silver Horses

Although the foundation of this Italo-British band was not completed before Gianluca Galli (songwriter/ guitarist known from his solo albums and his work with the bands Mantra and Time Machine) went to London in February 2011, in order to convince the renowned singer Tony Martin (best known from his two tenures with the legendary Black Sabbath; first time from 1987 to 1990, and for the albums The Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, and TYR; the second time from 1993 to 1997, and on the

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