Fuzzorama Records


Sweden and desert rock a match made in heaven……  Dozer, Greenleaf, Spiritual Beggers, to name a few besides Truckfighters..   “UNIVERSE” is the 4 th full length of these dudes, and what an album this is……  I dare say that calling “Universe”  a stonerrock  release  is a actually  labelling the band which something they have at least partially  outgrown…. Outgrown in a positive manner that is.


Probably the best band in the world.

This must be some kind of joke, because the pure silliness of this biography is just too much. Truckfighters has the fuzz rock sound of just too many bands out there today with no real spark to set them apart. The new song “The chairman” is funk meets poppy stonerrock and has no kick and fails in his attempt to entertain. Add 3 uninspired live tracks to this CDEP and you can add this to the skip category.

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