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Monday, January 27, 2014
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Sweden and desert rock a match made in heaven……  Dozer, Greenleaf, Spiritual Beggers, to name a few besides Truckfighters..   “UNIVERSE” is the 4 th full length of these dudes, and what an album this is……  I dare say that calling “Universe”  a stonerrock  release  is a actually  labelling the band which something they have at least partially  outgrown…. Outgrown in a positive manner that is. Yes they have the  downtuned guitars yes they  have the typical grooves, but they also have so much more…..  especially the longer tracks such as “ The Chairman” or Mastodon”  shows us a skilled band  not  going  for the heavy riffing or fuzz all over, but a band that rather opts for complexity, subtility and great arrangements  which – again- reaches far outside of what most people consider ye typical stonerrock.. If adventurous bands like  Mastodon ( the hunter) Amplifier and Tool are your cup of tea,  then dare to give Truckfighters a chance…