One of Australia’s most characteristic acts must be Blacnk (no, this ‘name’ has not been misspelled), a one-man outfit by an unidentified human (?) creature from Perth, named Grey Blacnk. In quite a short time, he recorded some unique albums, combining grim Black Metal aesthetics with psychedelic elements. The most recently recorded Blacnk album, Sleeping Under Clouds Of Gripping Anguish, is the first that gets released in partnership with Centipede Abyss.


It can be said that we dwell apart from the invisible world, and there we do not dwell alone. In places unlit, companionships are formed with words that are confined to dark recesses… akin to a Cave that holds within, all the imagined twilight wonders and befouled terrors…

Sinister Downfall

[released on May 25th 2020, yet the scroll-down menu does not go back that far anymore...]

Recently I was listening to A Dark Shining Light again. It is almost exactly four years ago that this album got released. Since I did not write a review on this recording yet, but seen the fact that it is nothing but a masterwork, I will write down some of my ideas and thoughts about it.


I have to admit that I did not know the band Wardra. However, this act from Moscow did release a full-length in 2017, an EP in 2018 and a split with Logos (defunct in the meantime) in 2020. But it never came my way. Wardra was formed as a duo in 2016 and evolved throughout the years into a ‘real’ band (nowadays a quartet). Original member W (Vladimir Snegotsky) was part of the Aethyr line-up too, and collaborates with Majestat.


(probably one of my shortest reviews in years - but then again: so what???)

No need this time to introduce this Iranian project by Mehdi Saleh, nor the long-time label behind it. I go over to the sonic content of the album immediately. I’ll be brief and concise.

Dronny Darko & ProtoU

An ‘older’ release, but who cares?...

Acoustics Of Shadows is a collaborative work of two persons who do know each-other well (no further comment), yet above all, it’s a mutual work by two beautiful, sympathetic people with a cool vision of / on sonic finesse. Both Oleg and Sasha are known for their subtle yet intriguing recordings, and this mutually recorded effort strengthens their connection.


This review does not deal with a new recording. It’s all about a physical re-release of an album from just a few minutes ago (ironic-looking smiley included); a release by an act that might be, for what it’s worth, one of my personal greatest surprises / experiences lately: the Brazilian, or is it Canadian, outfit Móđir, curated by Lady IO.


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