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Ralf Rabendorn

On June 7th 2015 we did upload a review for the newest Ralf Rabendorn-recording, the Among Black Hearts EP, and because I am such a lazy guy, I’d like to refer to that review for some additional information about this talented guy (who also owns the ContraMusikProduktion-label).

Seven Morgues

Seven Morgues are (or were?) a project by Industrial / Ambient / Ritual Music artist Oren Ben Yosef, assisted by Ravid Zigdon, Yaron Allouche and some other human beings. They did record and release some material during last decade, and this release, the full length Brass Bells Poor Brothers!, is, if I am not mistaken, the latest release by this Israeli project.

The Infrared Experience

Recently I got in touch with Ralf ‘Ralli’ Rabendorn, a talented musician / producer / photographer, but also the guy behind the label ContraMusikProduktion (together with Against It Records known as convinced promotors for Anti-Music). The honest approach of this guy and both labels, as well as the projects on the labels’ roster, made me curious and interested, and willing to work with them. Ralli did send the Concreteweb headquarters some material which I did look forward to.

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