Osmose Productions


My ‘roots’ within the Extreme Metal scene go back to half of last century’s Eighties. It was an era with many promising things coming up. Around that time (late Eighties / very early Nineties), there were quite some labels that tried to support and promote the scene, but in the meantime, there are not that much that still wander around.

Ad Hominem

Once started, two decades ago, as a solo-outfit for Kaiser Wodhanaz, Ad Hominem evolved into a ‘real’ band in the meantime, nowadays residing in Italy. After several full lengths and some interesting splits, the band signed to one of the oldest and most prominent Extreme Metal labels from France, Osmose Productions. This co-operation became reality through the release of Antitheist in 2015.


My passion (my wife doesn’t call it a passion yet rather an obsession – whatever…) for the extremest regions of Metal was born during the second half of the Eighties (shut up, I know I’m getting old). Back then, there were a couple of labels that were truly leading – many of them being defunct in mean time (or transformed into some gay Pop Music entity – no further comment). Anyway, at the very early nineties, one of those eminent labels, at least to my opinion, was Osmose Productions.

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