Quality Steel Records


After more than six years, the German act Divine:Zero finally returns with the successor of 2008’s The Day God Left. This sophomore album, The Cold Asylum, was recorded with studio assistance of Achim Kaiser – think Motorjesus, Steele The Score etc. In between both albums, the band was able to play live on stage with the likes of e.g. Born From pain, Fleshcrawl, Motorjesus, Dew-Scented, Powerwolf etc.


This will be a short / quick one: five-piece Karne (craving for a piece of bloody meat right now too?...), hailing from France (line-up: founding member and vocalist Eingeweide, drummer Bael, guitar players R. and H.K.A., and bassist Hraesvelg), finally release their debut full length, the first official release after the 2012-demo MMXII (extremely original, not?...).

Eternal Sex And War

Quality Steel Records aren’t that known (yet), but they came up with quite some fabulous releases lately. And then I am talking about material by the likes of Ajuna, King Fear, Divine:Zero, Harasai or Karne. You can find the reviews on these band’s last releases on the site, or you will find them in a very near future, by the way.

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