Eternal Sex And War

Album Title: 
Negative Monoliths
Release Date: 
Friday, November 21, 2014
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Quality Steel Records aren’t that known (yet), but they came up with quite some fabulous releases lately. And then I am talking about material by the likes of Ajuna, King Fear, Divine:Zero, Harasai or Karne. You can find the reviews on these band’s last releases on the site, or you will find them in a very near future, by the way. Another band this label now houses is Italian act Eternal Sex And War, formed in 2001 by Thorshammer (v, g) and Gornhar (d). After recruiting bass player Rayback, Eternal Sex And War recorded and released Abuse Or Be Used in 2007. In mean time Rayback left and was replaced by Dr. Faustus, and in spring 2013 the trio started recording material for what would eventually become the second album, Negative Monoliths. This second album lasts for thirty nine minutes, by the way.

Negative Monoliths collects eight fast, energetic, rhythmic, melodic, unpolished and malignant undergroundish and Thrash-laden Death / Black Metal compositions. So, that is about all you need to know; you’re welcome…

Want some more information? Well, actually this band does not reinvent the scene. They lack of originality, and dwell within spheres of the old style. There is little variation, though there are a couple of changes in tempo (with a couple of slower passages, like the Doom-excerpts in Hallucinated By The Ungod Of Exile), melody and structure. Besides, the average quality is all right: not superb, yet certainly not irritating or boring either. The production is anti-clinical, with a good mix (bass lines and drums, for example, are clearly audible, and not minimalized to the background). That’s about all…