Ivan Tibos.

Nocturnal Prayer

Even-though Inferna Profundus Records (which is, for what it’s worth, one of my mostly preferred labels lately!) did release two hands full of great new (and older, re-released) material in the meantime (reviews will follow soon!), I couldn’t just ignore this older recording by Canadian act Nocturnal Prayer. I know that it is a personal opinion, but I did deeply adore this project’s former stuff passionately (cf.: see below for a couple of links on former reviews for this Arctic horde).

The Great Old Ones (it)

I was really pleased when Raffaele Pezzella let me know that he started a new outfit recently. This one would be called The Great Old Ones, which refers to Lovecraft’s surreal universum, as you surely know. And it’s not just the name of this project that bears that Lovecraftian influence; the themes on the recordings will focus on the novels of this great writer as well. This one, Mythos Of Cthulhu, is the second release in a series that is inspired by these deities’ pantheon created by Mister Lovecraft.

Corona Barathri

This release was released more than one year ago in the meantime (it got prepared a while ago, but I just forgot to finish and publish it), but I couldn’t just ignore it. Due to circumstances in 2022 I haven’t been active for a long time, but even ‘older’ material that deserves all additional support and promotion, will be taken care of by yours truly.

Curse All Kings

Curse All Kings is a young project by Rob Fisk aka B.S.s., whom you might know from his outfit Common Eider, King Eider in the first place, and some Psych / Indie Rock bands with international fame as well.

Megalith Levitation

In a very near future, Aesthetic Death and Megalith Levitation will officially release the new album Obscure Fire (of course you might expect a review on that recording in some future), but this review will deal with the former full-length, Void Psalms, which was (and still is, of course) the second full-album by Russia’s Megalith Levitation. It was actually released almost a year and a half ago, but then again: so what? Great material will always deserve (my) attention and promotion.

Empty Pool

There are a couple of reasons why I want to focus on this release: the Aural Art, the label, and the content / concept (+ location of recording).

U Kronakh

Multi-instrumentalist / composer / lyricist Artem ‘Voidger’ Kilka did form the outfit U Kronakh (also known as Ukronakh or У Kронах) in 2020 as an outlet to transform his ideas into sonic format. Since he originates from the Carpathian area (actually, the band is located in the city of Chernivtsi, in Ukraine, close to the borders with Moldova and Romania), he wanted to tell ‘a story about the spirits of antiquity who wander the forest paths of the Carpathian mountains in oblivion and find no rest’.

The Sombre

Being active under 665 pseudonyms and releasing an album every single day, it makes Maurice ‘Mories’ de Jong one of Mater Terra’s most active and productive musicians. He’s active within so many different, yet somehow related, genres, from Dungeon Synth over Black Metal to Noise, you know, yet also within the cheerful regions of Doom / Doom-Death. That was the case in the past, and it is still the truth nowadays. The latter gets translated via his outfit The Sombre.


I do know that Salqiu did release a ‘new’ album in November 2022, but this review deals with the first part of the evil-twin sessions from hot, sunny, cheerful late Spring / early Summer 2022, Pariah. The second chapter of this diptych, if you want to, is called The Colossal Weight Of My Illusion…, and I might write a review on that one too, if I’m in a good mood. Who knows…


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