Ivan Tibos.


Thank you, dearest muse, for this after-birthday present! I adore you... -) BURZUM: 'Thulêan Mysteries' limited special edition vinyl 2-LP-) LUSTRE: 'A Glimpse Of Glory' LP-) ABHOR: 'Vehementia' digipack-CD-) WARDRUNA: 'Skald' CD-) HEILUNG: 'Drif' limited special edition vinyl-) ENDE: 'Whispers Of A Dying Earth' CD


I knew the name Archaic from the strange yet intriguing recording 116 Mycelio Tronics EP, available via Electric Music Foundation, yet apparently this duo did release another recording shortly after that EP, i.e. Into The Void. Seen the specific sonic output, it is not that strange at all that this full album got released via ZeroK, an experimental label within the permanently growing USG family.

Vikorra Doom

Cryo Crypt is a very young side-label of Cryo Chamber with the aim to concentrate on a rather Dungeon Synth oriented identity. While the main label digs in the mud of Cinematic Ambient Music, this sub-label will release material by Cryo Chamber family members (and others?) that indeed explore the aural realms beneath the dungeon. The focus lies on releases in cassette format.


One of Australia’s most characteristic acts must be Blacnk (no, this ‘name’ has not been misspelled), a one-man outfit by an unidentified human (?) creature from Perth, named Grey Blacnk. In quite a short time, he recorded some unique albums, combining grim Black Metal aesthetics with psychedelic elements. The most recently recorded Blacnk album, Sleeping Under Clouds Of Gripping Anguish, is the first that gets released in partnership with Centipede Abyss.


It can be said that we dwell apart from the invisible world, and there we do not dwell alone. In places unlit, companionships are formed with words that are confined to dark recesses… akin to a Cave that holds within, all the imagined twilight wonders and befouled terrors…


I never mind writing a review for ‘older’ material; at least when it’s worth being promoted somehow. That’s the case right here. Since the sympathetic Swede Pär Boström kindly offered me a copy of the latest Aindulmedir album recently, I had no (personal) doubt to write down my thoughts on it. I did like the former recordings by this specific act from Pär (you might know him as well from e.g.


Some might recognize the name Ian ‘Mully’ Mullinger from his assistance with Vallenfyre (at that time, this band also included members from Brujeria, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride). Others might know him from the EBM / Dark Techno / Synthwave project Electric Dragon.

Kojoohar & Frank Ursus

Frost Drought is the result of a collaboration in between Ukrainian project Kojoohar (Andrii Kozhukhar of Kadaitcha-fame) and German Frank Ursus (Te/DIS). Both guys accidently met, and after some conversations, they decided to do something together. It resulted in the recording of four rather short compositions (in between three and four minutes), written by Kojoohar (who performed all instrumental parts), with Frank Ursus providing the lyrics and vocal parts.


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