Ivan Tibos.


There are a couple of reasons why I do appreciate the project Rojinski. First of all, I do appreciate the human being behind this project. The both of us seem to share some common ideas about ‘the world’, the human kind, hypocrisy, social media, the future, misanthropy; enfin, we’re not the only ones caring about our world and criticizing civilization and the human nature to destroy everything around us, just to satisfy our narrow-minded, selfish needs.

8 Hour Animal

Hailing from New York – more specifically Poughkeepsie (ah, I adore that name, though I do not exactly know how to pronounce it decently) – 8 Hour Animal is an Industrial / Electronics act that did impress undersigned deeply with their Sentient Ruin Laboratories debut Resigner (link for the review: see below). In the meantime, this project recorded and released some more interesting stuff, and earlier this year they did also finish a new effort for Sentient Ruin Laboratories, called Kill Your Boss.

Wampyric Rites / Funeral Fullmoon

Inferna Profundus Records is a label from Lithuania, dedicated to the Underground scene of the worldwide Black Metal community. The label houses bands and projects from all over our marvelous globe, with a focus on both new material as well as reissues of material that needs and deserves any additional support. Hey, count me in!


This release is the result of a (long-lasting) partnership in between two entities from Hungarian soil. At the one hand, you have the project Spellblood. It’s a solo-outfit by some Knot, who is behind the Black Metal project Kolp as well (and apparently Kolp did release a new album very recently, after a hiatus of many years; something to be aware of for sure). At the other hand, the label behind this specific release, Kajdum’s Tower, is a division of NGC Prod.


I have several reasons to explain the reason of this review, even though it was release almost one year ago: the community behind this project, the specific content (‘one year after …’), and of course the Aural Art. I’ll briefly explain these elements.

Lux Sine Lumine

The pretty young label Centipede Abyss for sure is one of the most surprising revelations lately when it comes to the harsher side of sonic complexity and progressed Aural Art. Trespassing conventions of what ‘Music’ is supposed to be for the grey masses, is like the goal for this label’s releases.

various artists (cycles ii)

Cyclic Law, currently located in France, were formed in 2002 ‘to promote international musicians working in the field of Ambient, Experimental and Industrial Soundscapes’. The label gets run by Frédéric Arbour, who is the same mastermind behind projects like Visions, Instincts and some others.

Vulcanodon Phazer

It was a great pleasure when Patrick Mytron informed me about a new release under the Vulcanodon Phazer moniker. The guy is (or was) behind some other projects that dwell within blackened spheres, but this specific project differs from those Black Metal outfits. He used to be part of Alien Tab as well, which was an instrumental Doom / Sludge / Stoner duo that shortly lived during the second half of the Nineties. And I recently found out they did reform, by the way.

Sado Rituals

A short one, yet coming from my heart…

I won’t go too deep into the label and the project this time. The label is one of the most impressive ones within the worldwide Drone / Noise / Ritual Ambient scene lately (enter this label’s name in the ‘Search’-tab to find out more reviews, if interested), and the project is the main outfit by the label-owner; a very kind person who deserves my respect and support. No further comment this time…


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