Ivan Tibos.


The Nordic-styled genre might be one of the most ‘popular’ subgenres within the Black Metal scene (with exception of some pathetic semi-commercial Pop-Black trends, which make me puke’n’vomit; but that’s another story). Nordic-oriented Black Metal has its origins within the Second Wave and somehow remained true to the roots of the ‘general’ Black Metal scene.

Crepuscular Rituals

I have been thinking about how to start this review, over and over again. The reason: both muSICKians involved – sorry, musicians, I mean. But after re-writing my introduction a couple of times, I thought it would just be fun / honest / easy / clear / whatever… Whatever… I’ll keep it simple and to-the-core…

In Oblivion

It’s bizarre, but you know, this band was formed at the end of the first decade of this century / millennium. However, throughout all those years, the project didn’t really shine through all-capturing obscurity, with exception of one EP in 2015, being the two-tracker In Oblivion. That EP was released via Russia’s finest Endless Winter at the very beginning of Autumn 2015. That’s it…

Megalith Levitation / Dekonstruktor

Once again Aesthetic Death come up with a psychedelic thing, but once more it is not just ‘another psychotropic event’ going on, yet another unique, open-minded sonic session. This time Stu and his crew focused on the release of a split in between two acts from Russian soil, Megalith Levitation and Dekonstruktor. A small introduction might be of resignation.

Regiment VX - interview

I recently wrote a review on the stunning debut album created by Regiment VX, an expression of disgust and hatred against modern society, politics and the human kind in general. This project is the brainchild of Martin W Daniels, an English gentleman with his roots in the Power Electronics scene. In case of interest, if you want to read that (amazing, of course) review, see link below.

Alphaxone & ProtoU

First this: since both projects involved on this collaborative album have been reviewed several times before by undersigned, I’m not going to give a full history / biography / discography on either Iran-based act Alphaxone nor Ukraine’s ProtoU. Let’s just say that both Mehdi Saleh and Sasha ‘Cats’ Puzan are not a stranger to the magnificent Cryo Chamber label, and this isn’t their first mutual effort either.

Immortal Frost Open Air (Black) Metal Market

Our sympathetic friends from Immortal Frost Productions will organize a second edition of their air market. The first one left me broke, but that wroth and infuriated look on my wife’s face made it all up, haha. It’s dedicated to Black Metal especially, as well as related underground genres (Death / Speed / Thrash Metal, and some Folk and Ambient stuff); compact disc, vinyl, tape, DVD from their own label and loads of other material. Free entrance.

Address: Reynsberg 24, B-3290 Diest, Flanders, Belgium


Pus are an act from Peru. Okay, that’s enough for an introduction…

No, seriously, I did not know this band and I have about no further information about this act. I think they’re quite new, for this must be their first release (at least, when focusing on their BC-page). It’s a quartet consisting of Parasito, Nauseo, Porfi4do and FXTXZMX, hailing from the capital city of Lima.


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