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Wow...I recently mentioned that this reviewer stays in his voluntary (and therefore quite un-paid) side-job for the sole benefit of encountering the music of bands which come by only every once in a blue moon, those who manage to create albums which grab me from the get-go, and have me hold on until the final notes. Sometimes this happens with bands which have only been around for a couple of years only, but occasionally this reviewer comes across bands which have been in existing for much longer, and already have several releases to their credit!

Guerra Total

1997. Gerson Fabian ‘Demonslaught’ Toro forms Eternal Drak (‘drak’ and not ‘dark’!). With some friends he records the EP La Resureccion De La Orden Guerrera, which gets released right before changing the moniker into Guerra Total. It takes some time, but as from about six-seven years ago, Guerra Total starts gaining a (well-deserved) popularity in their home country (Colombia) and some neighbour countries (though they also visited Europe and East-Asia).

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