Tides Of Nebula

Imagine something like the following happening to you...you're a low-profile instrumental Rock band with Progressive leanings, and you start writing music which is both energetic, ambient, and emotionally laden. You have a couple of gigs, and a small label notices you, offering to release your debut album. So you record an album's worth of material, and upon release of the album you suddenly get praised by the international press media.


Hailing from Livermore (East Bay), California, SpiralArms differs somewhat from what the band's founders, lead singer Tim Narducci (was frontman of Hard Rock act Systematic) and lead guitarist Craig Locicero (formerly of Thrashers Forbidden) used to do in their past, seen as we're dealing with a great Blues Rock/ Metal act with Stoner affinities.

Pro Pain

Pro-Pain is a New York based hardcore band witch was formed in 1991 by vocalist/bassist Gary Meskil and drummer Dan Richardson, who both were former members in a mutual band. The bands debut album Foul Taste of Freedom was released in 1992. It was such a success that after the band got signed to Roadrunner Records, they reissued the album a year later.

Lita Ford

This live album was recorded in the Canyon Club in California on October 5th 2012 during lita’s ‘Living Like A Runaway’ world tour.


Betzefer is an Israeli groove metal band that was formed in 1998. It also was the first Israeli metal band to get signed to a major record label (Roadrunner Records), witch is pretty impressive considering it was actually a band that got together for a one time event back in school.


While our world’s feverish impatience has been the undoing of many hopeful rock band, Psychopunch are among its most consistent and stalwart quantities. During the 14 years of their career to date, this Swedisch punkrock act has wowed countless clubs and festivals.

Since 1999, Psychopunch have brought out nine regular albums, as well as a number of EP’s, singles, split releases and videos. Their tenth studio album ‘Smakk Valey’ has again that typical sound of full throttle and diversity, toughness and melodies. Simplicity and complexity.

The Other

Since the release of their previous album (review by yours truly posted 05/06/2010 – still available in this website's archives files), Germany's prime Horror Punk act The Other went through some changes, introducing Viktor Sharp into their line-up as their new bassist.


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