Virgin Steele

The original release of these two albums, was in 1994 respectively in 1995, so it’s a good initiative by SteamHammer to reissue them together, including not only the original songs in the original running order, but also adding two live tracks and an alternative version of ‘The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell’. Nothing has to be said about the albums themselves, they were very good when they were originally released, and of course still are very good.  That is if you like Virgin Steele, of course.

Ace Frehley

5 years after the release of ‘Anomaly’ former ‘KISS’- guitarist ‘Ace Frehley’ is back with a new release called ‘Space Invader’. After all the rumor about ‘The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’ if ‘KISS’ would do a reunion with their former band members ‘Ace’ and ‘Peter Criss’ the promotion is a bonus to promote his new album ‘Space Invader’.


“Get that album a priority review, will you?” went my editor-in-chief! “What?” I countered, “I've got several hard-disc reviews to do yet, and there's at least 15 other bands that were released earlier?”! “Yeah well...the Belgian promo guy of the label is acting up, so...”! So a rush-job they want, do they? Okay, but it'll be at the cost of not doin' my usual in-depth review of the product and band, eh?


Prong is an American metal band formed in 1986. Prong had two independent releases, Primitive Origins and Force Fed. The albums attracted the attention of Epic Records, who signed the trio in 1989. The group disbanded in 1997 after the Rude Awakening tour, but re-formed in 2002. Current members; Tommy Victor - lead vocals, guitar (since 1986), Tony Campos - bass guitar (since 2009) and Alexei Rodriguez - drums (since 2009) .

Holy Moses

Holy Moses founded in Aachen, Germany in the year 1980 playing trash Metal. After many changes 4 vocal singers, 10 guitarists, 9 bassplayers and 9 drummers are the current members: Sabina Classen - Vocals (1981–Present), Thomas Neitsch - Bass (2008–Present), Gerd Lücking - Drums (2011–Present) and Peter Geltat - Guitar (2012–Present). Sabina Classen is longest member since they founded the group.


Magnum is a British progressice rock band founded in 1972 Birmingham, England. Yes from 1972 maybe your parents remember this band made more than thirty albums (Studio, Live and Compilation). The Current members are: Tony Clarkin from 1972 (guitars), Bob Catley from 1972 (vocals), Mark Stanway from 1980 (keyboards), Al Barrow from 2001(bass) and Harry James from 2001(drums).


I just got hit in the face by a wall of notes. That’s how I would describe my first reaction when I started listening to this record. The band is composed of Jake Foster (lead vocals), Patrick Somoulay (lead guitar), Charles Caswell (rhythm guitar, second lead guitar, backing vocals), Francis Xayana (bass), and Cam Murray (drums).


If I were to tell you off hand, that this band has two members of the legendary Hardcore outfit Pro-Pain in its midst (namely bassist Gary Meskil and rhythm guitarist Marshall Stephens), what type of music would you expect this band to play? Well, you would be quite mistaken there, I daresay, because what Darhaus brings is a relatively commercial type of Syth Rock!

Impending Doom

And so, I am again reviewing an album which would normally have been worked on by my revered Death Metal specialist colleague Ivan, due to the fact that our editor-in-chief overlooked passing the album onto him and, because he already had put enough on the poor dude's slate, subsequently put it on mine...using the (absolutely valid) excuse that occasionally all the work is getting at him (of course, that relates in the first place to the daytime job, which sees him left with so little free time he's occasionally sleepwalking on his days off!).

Die Krupps

Unbelievable...the event which millions of Die Krupps fans had been anticipating for a decade and a half has finally happened : their favourite band finally made a follow-up full-length for their great 1997 studio album Paradise Now!


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