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Get The Hell
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 21, 2014
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“Get that album a priority review, will you?” went my editor-in-chief! “What?” I countered, “I've got several hard-disc reviews to do yet, and there's at least 15 other bands that were released earlier?”! “Yeah well...the Belgian promo guy of the label is acting up, so...”! So a rush-job they want, do they? Okay, but it'll be at the cost of not doin' my usual in-depth review of the product and band, eh?

Hence, making a long story short, Supersuckers are an American, Tucson (TX) based Garage Rock band, which started out life in November 1988 as The Black Supersuckers. Originally a 5-piece, of which only bassist Eddie Spaghetti and guitarist/ backing singer Dan ThunderBolton remain (Spaghetti took over lead vocal duties as soon as 1989), the line-up went through several changes, before setting on second guitarist/ backing singer MetalMarty Chandler in 2009, and current drummer Christopher ChangoVon Streicher in 2012. In its earliest years the band recorded singles on several labels, which were released on the 1992 compilation The Songs Al Sound The Same, prior to the band's signing to the Sub Pop label, with whom they would release a total of 7 albums, one (1993's Good Livin' Platter) under the name of junkyard Dogs, playing cover songs done Country style. 1997's Must've Been High, which was a new venture for the band into Country music, but this time under their own name, had some relative success, and since then the ban's been known to play Country shows under a variety of names, including their own.

Following one album (1999's The Evil Powers Of Rock 'n' Roll) on the German Koch Records (actually the band's 5th only studio album), Supersuckers founded their own label Mid-Fi Recordings, on which several singles, a singles compilation, 4 live albums (two of which in Country style) and 3 studio album. Toward the latter part of the previous decenium, the band was somewhat in disarray, as first their long-time manager, and then second guitarist Rontrose Heathman (whom was a co-founding member) left for undisclosed reasons. The band announced an hiatus, and Spaghetti continued to tour and record solo, eventually also abandoning Mid-Fi Recordings, and signing with Bloodshot Records in late 2010 for the release of his new solo album Sundowner in February 2011.

Shortly after, Supersuckers regrouped with Spaghetti, Bolton, and drummer Scott ScotzillaChurilla (whom had been with the band since 2006) being joined by new guitarist “MetalMarty Chandler for a European tour in support of Thin Lizzy. The guys followed that up with a tour of bars and clubs throughout North America with co-headliners Nashville Pussy. Bands the Texans had toured with before (prior to the hiatus, that is), include Bad Religion, Flogging Molly, Motörhead, Mudhoney, Social Distortion, Supagroup, the Butthole Surfers, The Dwarves, The New York Dolls, The Ramones, The Reverend Horton Heat, Toadies, White Zombie, and others. They have recorded with several artists, including Kelly Deal (of The Breeders and ex-Pixies), Steve Earle, Willie Nelson (they went on national TV's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as his backing band), and Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam). The band has been known to ally itself to several charitable causes, about which you'll find more info when looking up the band's page at Wikipedia (from which the info for this rather short overview was culled).

According to Spaghetti himself (check out (www.), Get the Hell is Supersuckers at its meanest and most ferocious. The material (mixed by none other that The Dwarves' Blag Dahlia) is sure adrenalin-enhanced Garage Rock of a superior quality, with great lead and solo guitar play, and plenty of appropriate backings of the lead singer. At the band's own site (mentioned above) you can download the album opening title track for free; samples of all other 12 tracks on the album (including a short intro) are equally available at said site. For more (and possibly older) material, check out what's available on one of the other media the band has a page on (link to facebook on the band's own, and from there you can follow the lead, right?). Ooh...wanna know one of the disadvantages of of pushing me to do a rush job? I'll elaborate less on the album's material, and having been unable to listen to it as much as I usually listen to another album, I'll usually moderate my now, for instance!