Holy Moses

Album Title: 
Redefined Mayhem
Release Date: 
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Holy Moses founded in Aachen, Germany in the year 1980 playing trash Metal. After many changes 4 vocal singers, 10 guitarists, 9 bassplayers and 9 drummers are the current members: Sabina Classen - Vocals (1981–Present), Thomas Neitsch - Bass (2008–Present), Gerd Lücking - Drums (2011–Present) and Peter Geltat - Guitar (2012–Present). Sabina Classen is longest member since they founded the group.

Redefined Mayhem” their 12the full length album in 24 years not bad I say. The don’t have to prove to the international metal scene. Their multi-faceted thrash metal, front woman Sabina Classen’s charismatic voice and their unique mix of traditional attitude and experimental evolvement have been instrumental in establishing the band as a known quantity since the beginning of their career in the early 1980s. To start the cd, first Hellhound starts very quiet and then in a sudden the guitar riff breaking and some drums through the silence. Every number is so different, you can hear they like to experiment with their songs. In some songs the reinvented trash metal without being boring to do the same.

Great drums and some great uptempo cutting guitar riffs. Just great this album will not be missing in my collection. Just buy this record.