Svarga Music


Ukraine-based act Twilighfall was formed in 2010 by Wortherax. You surely have heard his name before, for he’s a permanent or session member for notorious bands and projects like Nokturnal Mortum, Vetche, Piorun, Munruthel or (defunct) Supuration, amongst others.


Zgard, formed in 2010 in the region of Lviv, are a project by Yaromisl, who’s also active in Говерла (to be pronounced as goverla), by the way. The past two years, Zgard released three albums and a split (with Romanian act Prohod), all of them bringing a pretty typifying form of Pagan / Black Metal.


Paganland was founded in 1997 by Ruen and Bilozor in Lviv, an Ukrainian city. The natural mysricism hidden in the Carpathian’s greatness, the dense woods, and pure mountain sources could not but affect musicians with a pagan outlook (or what did you think with the name Paganland). Therefore, Paganland’s debut demo “Gods Of Golden Circle” an the demo “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, one way or another, had been related to the pagan metal.

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