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Torrens Conscientium

I truly hadn’t heard of this band before, but what Torrens Conscientium bring with All Alone With The Thoughts is one of the better things I’ve experienced in 2014 from Ukrainian soil (indeed, 2014, and we’re close to 2016, but so WTF???). For nearly fifty minutes this album is like a journey through spheres of emotionality, integrity, introspection, grief and, for one reason or another (yet not one the listener should underestimate), anger and disgust.


Catalonian combo Cendra return with their second album, 666 Bastards, after 2013’s Sang, Suor I Alcohol (independently released). In mean time there was some other material, like a compilation, but I did really look forward to this new collection of lullabies.

Kevlar Skin

Spain for sure has one of the most prominent Death / Grind scenes from Europe, excuse me, from our whole globe, and now it’s time to strengthen this statement by means of the third album by Kevlar Skin, an Andalusian quintet that was formed at the end of last century. This newest recording was recorded, mixed and mastered at the NO! Studios during the second half of 2013, and a while ago it got released via Ukrainian Extreme Metal label Eclectic Productions (cf.

Bestial Invasion

The name ‘bestial invasion’ is quite ‘legendary’, for there are tens of, especially Thrash-oriented bands all over Mater Terra, that are named after the legendary Destruction-demo (more than three decades of age in mean time; can you imagine???!). Now it’s the name of a new band as well from Ukraine, which was formed by former Crucifix / Violent Omen bass player Metal Priest.

Zero Gravity

Once again Transcending Obscurity will introduce an Indian Extreme Metal band to the worldwide scene, after, for example, Toxoid, Chaos, Gypsy, Orion or Halahkuh (distributed via Transcending Obscurity or released via Transcending Obscurity India). Also neighbor countries such as Bangladesh (Morbidity) and Nepal (Dying Out Flame) have been promoted in mean time.

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