V2 Records Benelux


Maximum Overload is the sixth studio album for Drragonforce, and is released on Ear Music, a new label that is part of the Edel Music Group.

What they bring us on this album, is basically the same what they have always done, very fast speed metal, but also very melodically.  How their vocalist Matt Hudson manages to sing at this fast a pace is a mystery to me.  I guess a normal person would end up with a knot in his tongue…

Hundred Waters

My first thought when I listened to this band's sophomore full-length was “Whàt kind of freaking weird thing is THIS?”! A sound drenched in electronics without any apparent guitar in the mix at all, and the wackiest of vocal signatures I've ever head...I decided there and then to not listen again until I had been able to get some info on the band (something which the label completely omitted to provide me with : the info sheet only gives data on the release, and the tracks held within!).

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