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Ibex Angel Order

Ibex Angel Order once started as Sauron in 1997, then went on as a duo named Funeral Goat – we’re talking about the unholy year 2008 – and as from 2014 on, Ludas (aka LDS ;drums) and Herr AIDS (here as HRRDS; vocals and strings) continued under their current moniker. And just for your information, but both of them are involved with Abysmal Darkening as well.


Crone, and I’m not talking about the Australian band with Mandy Andresen and Yonn McLaughlin, nor the Californian Pagan / Black outfit, are a project with two experienced musicians, i.e. sG of Secrets Of The Moon-fame and Embedded’s Markus Renzenbrink. The duo wrote and recorded four tracks, which are now compiled as Gehenna, and which features guest vocals of ex-Swans / Skin member Jarboe (on Dead Man).


When Eyehate, Stiff Old and Goathammer started playing together in 2004 (actually it was in an old bunker), they decided to continue as a ‘real’ band instead of just some time-passing activities. Goathammer, however, was forced to leave, and S. Muerte and Randy Rots joined the duo. At that time, it was time to choose a name. Deathronation were born.

The Ruins Of Beverast

The Ruins Of Beverast were formed ten years ago by Alexander von Meilenwald after Nagelfar (unfortunately!) split up. The project did three albums in mean time (all of them via the small yet, at the same time, great underground label Ván Records), Unlock The Shrine, Rain Upon The Impure, and Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite, which all, without exception, were of a fabulous quality (at least I think so).

Selim Lemouchi & his Enemies

Last year Selim Lemouchi disbanded The Devil’s Blood , due to personal and musical differences. Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies is Selim’s second shoot-around as band leader and those who've heard The Devil’s Blood before will pretty much know what to expect here. Each of the three long songs (6-14minutes) is an adventure in psych rock featuring jammin’ arrangements and the vibe in question is sixties acid rock. 

Helrunar / Árstídir Lífsins

When two, or more, bands decide to release a split with new material, written especially for that specific release, and in case it is about bands or projects I do appreciate whatsoever, I am always getting aurally horny. Two or more acts all at once, and with stuff that probably won’t appear on another recording, hmmm… Of course I was glad to receive this Fragments - A Mythological Excavation split-album.


Seeing as we're dealing with a Black Metal act here, and with a label specialised in the more extreme forms of Metal, I wonder why the editor-in-chief did not hand over this album to my college Ivan, whom is, after all, the specialist in that field of music.


There’s three dutchmen flying through my speakers as we speak and you best clear a path for Barry van Esbroek – drums, Willem Verbuyst – guitars and Jochem Jonkman - vocals, bass.

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