Wroth Emitter Productions


Wroth Emitter Productions is a Russian label, founded by Alex ‘Curche’ Pyshkin, who is also active as lyricist / chanteur in the Doom-Death act Halter. It’s a small and modest label, despite a long time of existence / experience. Quality above quantity, you know. Anyway, a stunning release they are responsible for is We Were Always Alone, the debut of the Finnish-German duo Oakmord.


Recently I same in touch with Alexey ‘Curche’ Pyshkin, a member of the crew behind Wroth Emitter Productions. That Russian label was formed almost three decades ago, releasing demos of (cult) acts like Scald or Crrombid Traxorm, but somehow they did remain in mist, veil and underground.

Crrombid Traxorm

During the (late) Eighties / early Nineties, there was a huge, active worldwide Thrash Metal scene; or at least, that was the case within the western hemisphere. We (and then I am talking about people living in (West) Europe or (North) America) weren’t that trusted with the scene behind the Iron Curtain. But you know, in fact there were quite some things brooding out there. Even though being extremely ‘underground’ at that moment, the scenes from e.g. the former Soviet Union, Poland, former Czecho-Slovakia, etc., did house a vivid Metal scene as well.

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