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Temtris are a band from Australia, formed at the end of last century as Labyrinth. After a while, the moniker changed to Labyrinthia, and under the current moniker they released two full length albums, Threshold in 2003 (self-release), and Masquerade in 2007, their debut for Battlegod Productions. After quite a period of silence, the band returned in January 2014 with a new single, called Your Time Has Come.


Although having been founded as far back as 1998, this Trondheim based Norwegian Melodic Black Metal act is only at its 3rd full-length, due to an hiatus taken between 2004 and 2007. That hiatus was due to two members (session singer Thebon and drummer Vegard 'Vyl' Larsen taking priority time with their other band, Keep Of Kalessin.


About 4 ½ years ago (posted 08/12/2009 to be precise, and therefore perfectly researchable in our “Archive” section), colleague Ivan reviewed this Oslo based Norwegian Thrash Metal act's full-length album Harbouring Hate, and while on the average I find his reviews to be quite informatively complete, some details were missing, and a possible mistake was made. So, putting the dots on the i, I'll repeat the band's history...

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