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Friday, March 14, 2014
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Norway’s Subliritum hail from the wonderful city of Trondheim, where they formed at the very end of last century. Throughout the years, they did not release that much stuff (Dark Prophecies CD 2001; Dark Side Of You MCD 2004; A Touch Of Death CD 2011 - the review on this album, done by undersigned, can be found on Concreteweb’s Archive-section - see update July 21st 2011), but it’s better to limit the number of releases and focus on quality, rather than have the quantity overpower the recordings’ content, isn’t it?!

Still under the same line-up constellation of their 2011-album, Subliritum continue with the journey once started. My main problem in the past with this band was the lack of an own face (not that they weren’t but cheap copycats of any other Norwegian band). With Downfall, however, I cannot get the impression Subliritum finally did. At the other hand, the huge variation in different aspects is still of great importance. An example is the grotesque combination of extremes in time, I mean that some parts are purely Nineties-oriented (i.e. the Second Wave), while others are modern and progressive. Also the contrast technical experimentation versus traditional safety is remarkable once again. It still sounds melodic and rhythmic at once, with high-tech riffage and a battering rhythm section.

Overall, Downfall is even catchier than before, with increased technical craftsmanship (with several riffs reminding me from time to time to the North American Tech-Death scene), yet also more predictable, more evident, more safe. Read: more dull…

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