Candelight Records

Gnaw Their Tongues

[actually, this album was released ten years ago; below you will find my review I wrote for this unique masterpiece back then; I did not change anything at all to keep the flame that was burning in me at that glorious - and satisfying - moment. Consider this renewed upload of that original review as a sign of respect for such grandiose recording]



Although active for more than a decade, this Dublin-based band remained a heavily tipped act in the Hardcore/ Metal Underground scene...but with their newest, the 5 Irish members certainly have a chance of breaking through in the major league of players!

The Earls Of Mars

After a decade of solo work under the monicker Onethirtyeight (a wacky piano 'n' keyboards based soundtrackish kinda thing with some very weird topics, either in lyrical or visualized context – check out some of those videos at (www.) – with four releases to its name : 2002's Case #6 EP, 2003's Bring Out Your Living EP, the 2006 The Sister EP-CD, and the 2009 full-length CD (+ DVD) London Transmissions), London-based Dan Hardingham suddenly felt the need to start something in a band configuration agai

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