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Despite two decades of activity, and despite an enormous fan-base (Solitary have a well-populated fan club, listening to the name of The Unidentified), I Promise To Thrash Forever isn’t but the first live album by UK Thrash-masters Solitary. Okay, they are not known for a constant release of studio material either, as you might know. The material on this live registration was recorded at the end of last year in Selby, England.

Circle Of Rage

Circle Of Rage are a five-headed band (vocalist Tommo, bass player Lee, guitarists Veitch and Scott, and drummer Xander) from the United Queendom. They recorded Rage In D-Minor with Oz Craggs at the Kent-based Hidden Track Studio. The initial release date was foreseen in 2012, but due to circumstances unknown (and who cares anyway?), it has been delayed, postponed, until now.

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