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Gamma Ray

When Kai Hansen left Helloween in 1988, he briefly meddled around a bit with Blind Guardian, and then founded Gamma Ray together with his long time friend Ralf Scheepers on vocals.  In their first years the sound of Gamma Ray was close to Helloween, but over the years the sound changed.

Devil’s Train

Devil’s Train released their self-titled debut album, which was highly acclaimed.  Many thought this would be a one-off release, but the band around former Mystic Prophecy singer R.D.


Having just reviewed the ‘Best of’ album by Gamma Ray, here’s the new album by another band that at it’s beginnings hade a sound quite similar to Helloween, but have developed their style over the years towards a more progressive metal sound.


Maximum Overload is the sixth studio album for Drragonforce, and is released on Ear Music, a new label that is part of the Edel Music Group.

What they bring us on this album, is basically the same what they have always done, very fast speed metal, but also very melodically.  How their vocalist Matt Hudson manages to sing at this fast a pace is a mystery to me.  I guess a normal person would end up with a knot in his tongue…

Andi Deris & The Bad Bankers

Andi Deris , for who we know of being the lead singer of one of the greatest and most popular heavy metal bands worldwide, Helloween. So basically you could have a fair idea of who he is and what he has done already. Now, the man returns with another solo album, witch hasn’t happened since 1999.


This Marseille based French Groove/ Industrial Metal act was founded in the year 2000 by singer/ samples provider Shawter, out of a previous band which he'd started up in 1997, and to which drummer Franky Costanza (formerly also of Imperial and Outburst, since 2005 also part of the Black/ Industrial Metal band Blazing War Machine) and bassist Werther respectively joined in 1998 and 1999.


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