Germanordic Recordings


Anthropophobe are one of the outfits by KFD aka Vordak, who’s in the mighty project Pagan Assault too (enter the band’s name in the ‘search’-tab to find some of the reviews I did for them). On January 12th 2016 I did upload a review for the Extinct Species EP, which he did release under the K.F.D.-moniker, and he’s the guy who runs Soleil Blanc Productions and Germanordic Recordings (cf. that K.F.D.-release) as well.


About a year and a half ago I got in touch with Vordak from France. This guy… no, search for yourself; I did have quite some deeply interesting discussions with him, and he introduced me to some forums he was involved with, but you must find it out yourself.

Hippie Nazi / Pagan Assault

There has always been a love-hate relationship in between Punk and Metal. About the ‘hate’-part I can be very short: f*ck it. Short enough? About the ‘love’-angle, well, just notice that there are, and always have been, hundreds of bands combining both styles, or members being involved in groups from both genres. And don’t forget to think about all those ‘fans’ that do appreciate at least a part of both styles.

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