Grotesque Sounds Productions

Monastery Dead

Monastery Dead are a Saint-Petersburg-based combo, formed a decade ago. After a first demo, the band recorded the album Victims Of Senseless Massacre (Musica Production), followed in 2012 by Cold And Gloom (Wings Of Destruction). Now the band returns, once again subdue to some line-up changes, with their third full length studio album, Black Gold Appetite, which lasts for thirty five minutes.

Scolopendra Cingulata

Scolopendra Cingulata (named after a centipede) were formed in 2013 by Kazakhstan-born Andrey ‘SS’ Kozlov, but in mean time he moved over to Russia (to the city of Ufa, not that far from the Kazakh border). His solo-outfit grew out to a band in mean time, with members from Ukraine and Russia involved. In January this year Grotesque Sounds Productions and Nitroatmosphericum Records released the project’s first demo-tape, and under the same collective constellation the second demo gets released, i.e.

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