Lord Of The Sick Recordings

Eviscerated Entrails / Dismetry / Derogation

Extraterrestrial: Embodiment (also entitled as: Extraterrestrial: Embodiment: Split) is the first split release on Novodvinsk, Russia based (Gore / Brutal / Grinding) Death Metal label Lord Of The Sick Recordings. The material is extremely limited, at least the CD edition (if I’m not mistaken it’s limited to an edition of twenty copies only???), so it makes it even more attractive for the ‘true’ Death / Grind adept. Besides, it comes with a poster and a shirt indeed!


I am glad that the Indonesian scene is on its revival. Actually, there were quite some fine underground bands during the earlier nineties in that era (Indonesia / Philippines / Singapore / Malaysia), but for one reason or another (hello mono-theistic religion?) those slowly faded away (except for the Singaporean one, I guess).

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