Misanthropic Generation Media

Killed In Public

Killed In Public are a duo with a very convinced DIY-attitude. The logo, the black-and-white cover (all people burning to death, publicly executed), and a release on cassette only (FYI: limited to 40 copies only). Hail the underground, one might think.

Black Demon Rites

Black Demon Rites are a Swedish trio (Helge, Björn and Micke) that signed Misanthropic Generation Media’s roster in order to release their Motmänniskan-recording on tape. It’s the second release for that label, which focuses on the release of cassette-editions only, after På Fortvivlans Krön by Svartä; for the review on this tape, check out the update done on November 10th 2014.


Melancholy… But beware! This intro is not meant to have some philosophical expression of modernism versus old fashionism. When I just came into the scene during the second half of the eighties, all recordings were released on vinyl or tape. You had lots of rehearsal tapes, demos were released on cassette only, and full lengths were done on vinyl (LP); and you had EP’s (7”) on vinyl too. Then, during the nineties, the CD made its entrance, and since a couple of year, technology introduced digital possibilities. It has both its advantages as well as disadvantages.

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