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Blackbird is a band coming from South-West Germany.  To cut a long story short.  If you’re into bands like AC/DC, Krokus, Airbourne, and want to have a good time, you definitely should buy this album.

It’s pure no-nonsense rock’n’roll from start to end.  The vocals sound like a mix between Brian Johnson and Udo Dirkschneider.  Of course not all songs are equally good, but isn’t this type of music meant to have fun?  In which case it doesn’t do any harm if some songs sound alike.

Gallows Pole

Gallows Pole was formed (unofficially) back in 1977 in Vienna, Austria. In 1979 the band released their first single Shut up/Destiny under the name Angelina. It was number one in the Austrian charts. Then the band decided to change the name, and Gallows Pole was officially born. And since then the band have been playing melodic rock music and of course recording it. And now this very old school band is back for more.

Daniel Trigger

London Planetarium, 1989 : a young fellow from the Midlands (in other words, do not confuse with the Russian Death Metal band Trigger, who released a full-length debut entitled Apocalypse Tomorrow on NitroAtmosphericum Records in 2012) by the name of Daniel Trigger attends a laser show at the, where Europe's “The Final Countdown” is used as a musical backdrop for the show.


Punchline was, or rather is, a well hidden treasure, consisting of Thomas Franke (ex U.D.O.) and Jôrg Juraschek (Warrant) who over a lengthy period of time concocted these 11 songs (+ intro). As third band member Matthias Zimmer (Perzonal War) on guitars was integrated into the band.

Klaus Schubert

Klaus Schubert, an Austrian Jack of all trades who played in bands like "Titty Twister Band" and the "Rock Bunnies" looks back on his long-term existence as a musician. A man i actually never heard of (or those bands), but this record is a collection of riffs from those bands over the years (re-mastered of course).

Stallion Four

Sweden is the place to be these days. Bands like Enforcer and Sabaton grow fast. And now we have Stallion four. A band who often remind on bands like Krokus (in the early 80’s) bus for sure on the gods of hard rock AC/DC. But despite of that, they don’t copy them.

Maryann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton was an English woman convicted of murdering her children and believed to have murdered up to 21 people, mainly by arsenic poisoning. On Free Falling Angels the real angels are composer Jackie Patino, his father Hal Patino, guitarists Andy La Rocque and Pete Blakk and drummer Snowy Shaw.

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