Album Title: 
Free Ride
Release Date: 
Friday, December 5, 2014
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Line up:Alexander Mayer - VocalsCaptain H. Forster - GuitarsMichael Hennig - GuitarsMarkus Kerscher - BassRenè Baumann – DrumsHailing from the Bavaria state in Germany, this 5-piece ‘Hard Rock group’ released their debut album ‘Hellrocker’ in 2006 before taking a break for several years and then returning this year to record and release their new album ‘Free Ride’ on Pure Rock Records.The album is described as: ‘catchy riffs’, raw whiskey-drinker vocals similar to those from ‘Brian Johnson’, a driving rhythm section, gives ‘Cruizzen’ some ‘AC/DC’ touch. The title track however with some slide guitar is a quote to the legendary ‘Rose Tattoo’. But the organic and powerful sound is offering some small metal influences too, the six-strings show some ‘Iron Maiden’ touch here and there.”Tracklist:1. Soundmaker2. Rock And Roll Generator3. Crazy Dayzz4. Straight Down Dirt5. Heaven Can Wait6. Touch of Evil7. Free Ride8. Trouble9. It’s Over10. Lipstick On My Pillow11. Sparkplugs Blowing12. Love Is A Sweet Torment13. Time