Eat the Gun

Line up : Hendrik Wippermann – Guitars, Vocals

               Gereon “Gerry” Homann – Drums

               Peter Bergmüller - Bass

Kicking out the jams from Munster Germany since 2002 is Eat The Gun, delivering their fourth long player Stripped to the Bone, now signed to SPV/Steamhammer Records. The title of the album has some meaning for the band. From song writing to recording the band took a minimalist, stripped down, approach.

Eat The Gun: up against the wall.

Lita Ford

‘The Bitch is Back ... Live’ is the brand new live album from the queen of hard rock. I was wondering what I was going to hear because she scored her biggest hits in the '80s. Luckily her latest album ‘Living Like A Runaway’ was much better than her comeback album 'Wonderland' (2009). The sound on the album is like it’s live. There is little adjustment to the album, not to the sound and not to the audience (no huge applause).


Ach, Raven...! Truth be told, when I found out this was among my to-do job, I was initially not too enthused. I'd come across albums by the band when they were first around, and not only got myself their first recordings (1981 debut album Rock Until You Drop, 1982's Wiped Out, 1983's All For One – with the 12-inch EP Break The Chain that was culled from it – and 1984's Stay Hard), but also a couple of their later albums (1988's Nothing Exceeds Like Excess and 1991's Architect Of Fear).


Edenbridge is a group that I haven’t really been following so far, and that seems to have been a mistake from my part.  Their music is bordering between true gothic metal, and bombastic more opera-like music.  They do bring us rock, but with an ethereal edge to it.  In no small way does the voice of their vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher help to create this atmosphere.  She has a smooth, almost angelical voice, yet also powerfull.


Their 2009 movie documentary The Story Of Anvil had made the band famous over the world, following seemingly endless years of energy- sapping tours. Their albums are considered as landmarks among a musical genre. Their most recent release “Juggernaut Of Justice” from 2011, was a powerfull and unrelenting thunderbolt of the first order. Now this Candian cult metal act are back with their new recording “Hope In Hell”.


Kamelot are one of those symphonic power metal bands that loads of people seem to enjoy as they have rather progressive song writing and skip the overloaded elements. After the criticized predecessor “Poetry For The Poisoned” that had many dull moments and a lack of passion and variation, the band’s Norwegian singer Roy Khan left the band and was soon replaced by another Scandinavian singer, the young Tommy Karevik from Sweden. Many people were expecting a return to strength. But this didn’t happened.


While our world’s feverish impatience has been the undoing of many hopeful rock band, Psychopunch are among its most consistent and stalwart quantities. During the 14 years of their career to date, this Swedisch punkrock act has wowed countless clubs and festivals.

Since 1999, Psychopunch have brought out nine regular albums, as well as a number of EP’s, singles, split releases and videos. Their tenth studio album ‘Smakk Valey’ has again that typical sound of full throttle and diversity, toughness and melodies. Simplicity and complexity.

The Other

Since the release of their previous album (review by yours truly posted 05/06/2010 – still available in this website's archives files), Germany's prime Horror Punk act The Other went through some changes, introducing Viktor Sharp into their line-up as their new bassist.

Vicious Rumors

Having reviewed their latest studio album ‘Razorback Killers’, and rewarding that album with a good score,  I was curious how this live album would sound like.

My first remark is that new singer Brian Allen acquits himself very well of the job but is sometimes struggling with the really high notes in the older songs from the Carl Albert era.  I have no comments to make about the other musicians, it sounds very good.


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