Tee Pee Records


Brooklyn based Psychedelic Rock band Naam can call themselves lucky! Having formed in 2008 as a trio of John Preston Bundy (bass & vocals, but also piano and synthesizer), Ryan Lee Lugar (guitar & vocals, and also tambura) and Eli Pizzuto (drums), they soon struck a deal with New York based specialist label Tee Pee Records, and as a result saw their debut 3-track EP Kingdom released in April of 2009.

Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound

Founded at the beginning of this millennium as a trio consisting of Michael Lardas, Jefferson Marshall and Charley Saufley, this San Fransisco based “Post Psych” act has since grown to a septet due to the addition of multi-instrumentalists Camilla Saufley and Anderson Landbridge (actually a Theremin and synth specialist), and harmony singers Brett Constantino and Evan Reese (the latter both of SF act Sleepy Sun).

The Shrine

Heh...funny “info sheet” on this band found on the label's website (it's somewhat similar to the German text that came with the download promo copy of the album) : “On the night of November 6th, 1979 Black Sabbath was at their most drug addled and explosive standing. They were on tour supporting their newly released Never Say Die album...” (arguably their most heavy album ever) “...and had a night off in Los Angeles.

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