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John Coffey

John Coffey is a wild, high energy Dutch Punk/Hardrock band with no edges! The first track of the album is "Eagle Chasing Flies" . A nice song with a sludge end! The single "Broke neck" swings like never before, you just can't sit still! On "Redrum" you can hear influences from some famous rockbands.


TheName is a Belgian groov rock/metal band. This is the best way to describe the band, although I would dare to say that they incorporate various other influences like “pop” in their songs.


Seether is a South African post-grunge/alternative metal band founded in 1999. The band was originally formed under the name "Saron Gas" until renaming it to "Seether" in 2002. The first disc on Seether’s collection is comprised of all fifteen singles the band has released throughout the past eleven years. Tracks like ‘Gasoline,’ ‘Broken,’ ‘Remedy,’ ‘Fake It,’ ‘Rise Above This,’ ‘Country Song’ and ‘Tonight’ all turn up on the collection.

Deep Purple

Truly one of hard rock great survivors UK’s Deep Purple return with their 19th album and Now What?! is already being heralded as one of the best records the group has released in not years, but decades.


Based in Maastricht (near Belgian border) in the South-East of Holland, Lesoir is a Dutch quartet consisting of singer/ pianist/ acoustic guitar player Maartje Meesen, (electric) guitarist Ingo Daasen, bassist Dachuan Lu and drummer Rubel Israel whom, on stage, are usually fortified by multi-instrumentalist (she plays guitar, keyboards and percussion) and backing singer Eleen Bartholomeus.


Stijn Meuris is perhaps best known for being the frontman of Belgian act Noordkaap, which existed from 1990 to the year 2000, leaving us 3 full-length albums (that 3rd one with an altered line-up after a hiatus) and two collaborations to movie soundtracks.

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