To be honet, I’ve about had it with live albums from Yes.  Haven’t they earned enough money yet ?  Since 2005 they’ve managed to release a live album about every two years, some with recent recordings, some with what I’d dare to call ‘prehistoric’ material,   If they continue doing this, I guess we’re in for a new record every two years for the next thirty years to come.


My first conscious acquaintance with Swedish murder squad MZ.412 was through the Cold Meat Industry-release In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi, about twenty years ago. I was so overwhelmed, because back then I was not that trusted with the harsher Industrial / Noise scene (yet).

Machine Head

9 years after they give us their First live album, the Machine head posse is ready to deliver the good once again with this very fine encore that was named: ‘Machine Fucking Head Live’. The content on these 2 silver disc where digitally captured for all of us during the UK-leg of their massive tour in support of their latest effort ‘Unto The Locust’. Everybody that saw Robb Flynn and his crew during that tour knows that Machine Head has made an incredible progression when it come to playing live.


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