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Friday, January 25, 2013
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Aestrid is an indie rock band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Formed in 2004, Aestrid started as Bo Menning's solo recording project. When Menning putted a band together and the self-released debut album The Echo Resistance got picked up with good reviews, combined with intense and haunting live shows, all the hard work seems to have the result he deserves. 

Box takes its charm from female melancholic vocals, and Bo’s guitar licks spices things up sometimes with ambient overtones, a bit like The Gathering’s softest moments. This album emits vibes of New Order, The Sound, Radiohead, Tori  Amos and A Brand crossed with a modern sound. They play a brand of emorock with lots of melody and finesse, catchy riffs galore, and largely slow-paced songs. The music is mysterious and depressing, while at the same time remaining angelic & reminds me of a confused sounding Placebo.

Box bridges the gap between melancholic music and composed radio friendly rock, with Aestrid taking ingredients from genres such as new wave, emo and kraut rock, turning it all into a cocktail that everyone should enjoy who is into anything between the aforementioned bands.