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Friday, March 29, 2013
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These days NWOBHM is alive and kicking in their homeland Japan. Blaze, from Osak, formed in 1998 tries to ring everything the original movement stand for. Fast guitarwork, simple drumbeats, …

This album came out in their own country a few years ago but back in the days the band didn’t had a label to promote them over here in Europe. Now the band and High Roller Records found each other. And we’re glad for that.

Blaze came out with a very cool and nice album. It’s very easy listening but who cares that these days? Relax and listen to “Heart Of Gold” and after a few minutes your fist will be in the air to sing! Truly, if it weren’t for vocalist Wataru Shiota's accent, I would have had no idea Blaze was not a British Band. There are no standout songs on Blaze but there aren't any weak ones either. The entire album is quality Traditional Metal, with a 80s vibe from start to finish.