Bullet For My Valentine

Album Title: 
Temper Temper
Release Date: 
Monday, February 11, 2013
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The release of The Poison nearly 10 years ago, meant the big break-through for Welsh metalband Bullet For My Valentine. In some way, they managed to reinvent the heavy metal genre and they actually started the NWOBHM (=New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). They had everything to make it for a big audience: tight clean vocals, shredding screams and of course, they mastered their instruments extremely well. In the years that followed, they became immensely popular all over the world.
Temper Temper is already their fourth full-length and they have never sounded more mature than on this record. The opening track, Breaking Point has everything a good Bullet For My Valentine song needs, which makes it very recognizable, but still totally refreshing at the same time. One of the other songs that sticks to your mind is title track, Temper Temper. Especially the chorus is catchy as hell.
When you listen to the entire album, you can hear some American metal influences, but Bullet For My Valentine managed to give it a British twitch.
Something else that's very cool about this album, is that it refers to older songs, such as Tears Don't Fall (Part 2). The song starts with the sentence 'Let's go again' and actually, it's just the same song, but with different lyrics. This comes as a big surprise and is something I've never heard or seen before. It might even work a bit sentimental for the die-hard fans.

Every current Bullet For My Valentine fan will be beyond excited about this new record, but it will definitely draw the attention of a new share of fans. Be ready to lose your mind.