The Bunny The Bear

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013
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Whether The Bunny The Bear is the newest electronic DJ sensation or the newest rock duo, that's up to you to decide after having listened to their second record, Stories.
If you know that this band from Buffalo, New York has already sold over 12,000 records in the USA alone, you can say that this is not just another rock band using dance and techno influences to reach a bigger audience. Although they use popular elements in their music, they stay true to their roots by referring to the metalcore and hardcore genre more than once. Just give songs such as In Like Flynn and Another Day a listen. This must have been the reason why Victory Records signed The Bunny The Bear.
Another good thing about this album is that they often move a little slower and give some room to breathe. This makes every song stand on its own and makes it very catchy.

The Bunny The Bear combines so many aspects of music, it's almost a piece of art which is irresistible watching. Fans of 3OH!3 and Brokencyde will surely like Stories.