Album Title: 
The Difference Between Hell And Home
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
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There are little rules in hardcore, but the only thing that applies for all hardcore bands, is the fact that the music is always straight-forward. The Canadian Counterparts is an exception to that rule.
The Difference Between Hell And Home is their third album and their second for Victory Records. Counterparts stands for melodic hardcore with once in a while a slight reference to the progressive genre as used by bands like Misery Signals.
After having listened a first time, it's immediately clear that the new album is much harder than the previous one. The pace has gone up, vocals are fiercer and the riffs are real shredders. In between all that, the Canadians succeeded to put some melody in the songs. Just give Debris a listen for instance and you'll understand what we mean.
Outlier and Wither are the only two songs containing clean vocals, which is a big difference with The Current Will Carry Us. This doesn't really matter, as the guitars add all the melody and rhythm to the songs.

People who are into melodic hardcore should really check out the new record from the Canadian Counterparts.