Drunk Dad

Album Title: 
Morbid Reality
Release Date: 
Friday, June 7, 2013
Review Type: 

These are the kind of CDs that I dislike to review. Not because Morbid Reality is a bad CD. It isn't. But rather because, despite the fact that this is an obviously talented band, that the cdep is professionally produced and that the 4 tracks here are adequately entertaining, Druk Dad just never grabbed me. Portland-based D.I.Y. Noisemongers DD are a quartet who mix crushing riffs, odd time signatures, spastic guitar lines and pummelling dysrhythms.

Juxtaposing amp/reptilel riffs with noisy grooves, this upstate Portland quartet's sonic output is jarring, mind bending, and inexplicably confusing. Despite the short length of this disc (15min) there’s enough sounds cascading throughout tracks like long Cavity meets Melvins meets Dopefight “Guts”, “Seizure”, noisy collage fuck up “Ritual” and crust-like “Scum free” to keep your ears occupied for quite a long time.

Drunk Dad's massive musical assault is surely not an easy listen, but it's definitely something you'll remember long after it's over.