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Friday, August 24, 2012
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The history of Emerald starts somewhere in the year 1995 when two local bands Dark Crystal and Oppress broke up. This as all founding members of Emerald, named Michael Vaucher (guitars), Jvo Julmy (guitars) and Véronique Remy (vocals) (all ex Dark Crystal) plus Stefan Neuhaus (drums) and Roger Winkler (bass) (both ex OPPRESS), played in those two bands before. Under their new flag they wanted to start a new band dedicated to Heavy Metal. Then, the usual line-up problems followed.

So yes these guys have been at it for some time now. Their latest album Unleashed was releases last summer. But i just got my hands on their album just now, and man do i wish i got it sooner. First and most important, I’m not a traditional heavy metal fan with the exception of a handful of bands and songs. But this band certainly made a good impression.

The strength of their music lays within the fact that their music has a slight darker tone to it like Judas Priest has it. And no they didn't copy it or something, it’s just that good (almost). This is an album you just have to hear, end of discussion.