Great White

Album Title: 
Ready For Rock’n’Roll
Release Date: 
Friday, September 21, 2012
Review Type: 

There really ain’t that much to say about this album.  It’s a reissue from the original 2002 album ‘Recover’, and nothing has changed if you compare it to the original, except the order of the tracks has been tampered with.

This album contains a dozen covers which were given a Great White treatment. Not that it has changed that much to the tracks, they all sound a bit bluesier, and I don’t think these cover versions otherwise have much to offer, besides, the original album contained a lot more songs than this reissue.

And to make matters even worse, since 2002 there have been other reissues of this album, by different labels and with another title, but containing the same material.

My guess is any decent Great White fan will already own this album.