Heaven’s Cry

Album Title: 
Primal Power Addiction (re-issue)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Review Type: 

After releasing their comeback album Wheels Of Impermanence, Prosthetic Records asked the guys who were responsible for mixing and mastering that album, to treat their 1996 debut album Food For Thought Substitute and their 2002 album Primal Power Addiction for a reissue.

I had not heard the original version, so it’s impossible for me to compare, but judging on the quality of these songs, for an album that’s 10 years old, this still sounds very fresh.

Of course you’ve got to be a prog rock lover to adore this type of music. The songs are technical masterpieces, and it shows that this band is made up of excellent musicians, but where some other prog bands would be tempted to overdo it a bit – or a lot – by extending the songs with endless tempo changes, and other stuff, here it is limited.

To sum it up : a very nice album.