Album Title: 
Somewhere In The Circle
Release Date: 
Friday, February 15, 2013
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Helker was formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina by guitar player Mariano Ríos and bassist Christian Abarca. The current line-up features guitar player Leo Aristu, drummer Hernán Coronel metal vocalist Diego Valdez. Helker is widely considered as the leading South American heavy metal band to emerge from Argentina. Since their start they released two highly respected albums in their native language, “Resistir” in 2008 and “A.D.N.” in 2010; these albums helped a lot to built up a loyal fan-base not only by Argentina’s metal fans.

But considering every band wants to be world famous, they went over their borders and went out in the world. To help them on their quest is their latest record “Somewhere In The Circle”. Witch is out since February. To be honest its your typical and it’s a pity actually. The songs sound good these guys know how to play, but it sounds as if they are stuck within their genre and are afraid to do something different to really outshine others.