Ivory Moon

Album Title: 
Dark Time
Release Date: 
Monday, October 1, 2012
Review Type: 

This is the third full album by these Italian metallers, coming from Rome.  It is however for me my first acquaintance with this band.

They have two vocalists, one female, Gabriella Aleo, who sort of stands for the soprano – operatic singing, but with a far more limited reach then e.g. Tarja Turunen.  The second vocalist is male, Sandro Manicone.  In some songs he sounds decent enough, but there are times when he fails to do what he’s supposed to do, and sounds even as if someone has just given him a kick in his balls…

Their music sits somewhere between symphonic, progressive and gothic metal if you ask me.  There are songs I like ‘Darkenss’ and there are songs I like less; Over all, it’s not a bad album, but it could have done with a better production, and a fatter sound.