Klaus Schubert

Album Title: 
Desperados On The Run
Release Date: 
Monday, January 21, 2013
Review Type: 

Klaus Schubert, an Austrian Jack of all trades who played in bands like "Titty Twister Band" and the "Rock Bunnies" looks back on his long-term existence as a musician. A man i actually never heard of (or those bands), but this record is a collection of riffs from those bands over the years (re-mastered of course).

Unfortunately that’s it. Just a collection of riffs with no particular meaning, just thrown in there at random with no coherency what so ever. And to be honest the key boards on their do more than his guitar work witch isn't that impressive at all.

He keeps it variated with different styles, but it are just little pieces witch make no sense. Could be he is (or was) a big name somewhere, but this is just crap released to make some cash.